We are committed to Health and Safety and competence of our ability to perform the tasks in hand.



The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NIC EIC) are the premier organisation for ensuring complioance of electrical installations carried out in the United kingdom. Membership requires us to test and certificate all works completed and suitable records kept for inspection during an annual accreditation. The NIC EIC are UKAS acrredited organisation.



Trustmark is a government backed insurance policy that covers domestic work carried by its members. In the unlkikely event of an issue with our works Trust mark will honour all costs involved in all eventualities.



The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health are the leading organisation that provides training and support for health and safety at the work place. The qualifications awarded by IOSH and the system they pioneered for risk assessment are almost an industry standard. Handley Electrical Maintenance Limited are certified by IOSH for ‘Managing Safely’ and we are affiliate members of the organisation.



The Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents offer unrivalled support for health and safety issues. They provide the latest information on new legislation and guidance for its implementation. Handley Electrical Maintenance Limited are corporate members of ROSPA and enjoy all the benefits associated. We can offer help and support for all health and safety matters.



Black Country Chamber Of Commerce

Membership of our local chamber of commerce has been of great assistance with its access to training for health, safety and management. They also provide good business support for companies like ouselves in a competitive market.


Construction Site Skills

Our engineers all have ECS or CSCS recognition. This is a construction qualification for safety of operatives on site.


Our engineers all have JIB grading. The JIB is the primary

skills agency for electrical grading.


The majority of our engineers  have IPAF licenses to use powered access equipment on site.



Our engineers are licensed to drive scissor lift and powered boom lifting machines. They are licensed for both electric and diesel derivatives.


We also have several alloy access towers, podium towers and access equipment.


Our engineers are trained to erect mobile access equipment and are qualified under PASMA for safe use.