Control system for container washing facility.


The wash plant had two washing aisles with automated start and run to minimise load. Speed control of the track for different containers and fully automated rails for different container sizes.



Far left - control panel with PLC, inverters and controls.


Above and left - touch screen controls for

user interface.


This allows the operators to

control and monitor machine remotely.


We manufacture control panels at our in-house facility


Handley Electrical Maintenance Limited can design, build and install control systems for applications including, heating control, motor control,

distribution and handling systems.


We design programs for PLC and soft start systems. We have a dedicated software and systems specialist

that can design new systems,alter existing programs or fault find problematic systems.


Handley Electrical Maintenance Limited can design process monitorring for count and analysis of data. We can convert manual systems to fully automated systems.


How's this for an idea!


Would you like to allow you're operators to carry out level one fault finding without halting production or having to isolate the supply. Production is then further delayed by 'locking off' the supply and issuing permits to work.


We can install bespoke shields that allow untrained operators to reset trips or circuit breakers without isolation of the machine. They can also visually identify problems to report to the technician.


The fully interlocked doors allow the operator to reset trips and circuit breakers without being in contact with a live electrical supply. This is in place at several of our customers sites and is proven to be safe and reliable.


Conventional maintenance can be completed by opening the doors via an interlocked lock mechanism.


Fully compliant to machine guarding regulations and can be made at our inhouse facility for fitting in a few hours, even out of normal working hours if required.


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Handley Electrical Maintenance Limited can arrange a site survey to analyse requirements to produce costings and design hardware and software.

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