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Thermal Imaging in action.

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Distribution board with no apparent problems

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Thermal Imaging reveals an overtemperature that may be a fire risk or a potential failure of supply.

Thermal Imaging

(Also known as Thermography) 


Thermal Imaging is a means of measuring the temperature of electrical installations,equipment or any building services or function.


In electrical installations thermal imaging is used to monitor the operating temperature of cabling, distribution and control gear. The information collated can indicate imminent fire risk or a problem that could cause an electrical failure.


  • Cabling may be operating at a temperature too high for the cable and will need attention before the cable fails causing a short circuit.


  • Distribution boards can have loose connections or circuit breakers that are overheating, these also can fail and be a fire risk.


  • Motors and other electrical moving equipment can overheat and fail.


Testing of equipment can help predict mechanical failure such as bearings or motor problems. The information can assist the maintenance team to carry out preventative maintenance.


Building services can be surveyed to indicate leaking or blocked pipes. They can also highlight a failure of insulation to roofs or walls which may be causing heat loss or condensation problems.


Case Study


The two pictures to the left are an example of what the survey can achieve.


The survey was carried out at a local car dealership and the problematic circuits were for


This problem was resolved by a new M.C.B, in most cases a mere tightening of the terminals is all that is required.


In either case a business threatening issue can easily be identified and resolved before its too late.